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we yelling Give Glory To God!  join the GG2G Family. Established to bridge networks, support  communities and charitable foundations in building up the Kingdom of God

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Blessings my name is William T. Starzz, I’m a Christian Hip Hop artist based out of Virginia, and I would very much like to speak with you in regards to networking with you in building up the kingdom of God. I look forward to hearing back from you I have attached my bio along with both of my latest singles, one “Going In” which is currently charting over 150,000 collective plays and views…I give glory to God.  I pray you are inspired by the movement and if you need anything from me, please ask.  Be blessed #GG2G

_Jesus Christ, the exalted sovereign, shed for His creation (you and me) and it is THROUGH HIM that we can be saved, not by our Bible knowledge or Charitable works or Dope songs, nor by our RACE but by His sacrifice I have salvation #GG2G